Scantech AXE B11

AXE-B11 3D Blue Laser Scanner

The AX-B11 3D scanner uses optical measurement technology, with a scanning speed of 2,000,000 measurements/s, quickly captures the 3D data of the object and achieves precise deviations in the geometric surface.

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With the global initiative built-in photogrammetry system, the AX-B11 provides an ultra-wide scanning area and metrology-level measurement accuracy. Freed from the limitations of object size, shape, material and complexity, the AX-B11 can freely choose the working modes of efficient high-speed scanning and precision deep hole scanning. It performs ultra-high precision 3D inspection on medium to large projects without the aid of extra devices.

Speed Oriented
17 diagonal blue laser lines provide an extremely fast and precise response with 2,000,000 measurements/sec.
Volumetric Accuracy
The global initiative built-in photogrammetry system is designed to measure medium and large-sized objects with a volumetric accuracy of 0.030 mm/m.
Flexible Switching
Working modes can freely switch according to scanning needs: efficient, unrivaled fast scanning; Precise deep hole scanning that deals with complex locations such as deep holes and dead angles
Ultra Wide View
The ultra-wide scanning area of 860 mm × 600 mm provides an optimal and smooth 3D scanning experience.
Dual Scan Mode
With 11 crossed blue lasers + 1 extra blue laser line, the AX-B11 supports high-efficiency mode for large-scale scanning and meets special requirements such as single-line scanning mode, deep hole and dead angle inspection.