Scantech KSCAN-Magic

KSCAN-Magic 3D Laser Scanner

The KSCAN-Magic series composite 3D scanner combines five standard operating modes with infrared laser + blue laser technologies.

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Unique Scanning Speed
The Magic Series has a revolutionary development. Scan speed, details, measurement depth of field and accuracy. You can quickly achieve difficult to reach and complex surfaces with the Magic series.
Less Effort and Hassle
It offers fast streaming performance from device setup to scanning. You can easily achieve your measurement needs by quickly switching scanning modes.
Innovative Infrared Laser
The final scanning area reaches 1440mm x 860mm, easily achieving precise wide-range measurement. The KSCAN-Magic series adopts world-class infrared laser scanning technology innovatively.
Sharp Details
In ultra-precise scanning mode, KSCAN-Magic series 3D laser scanner can accurately capture complete data on the surface of complex objects, easily capturing every detail with 0.010mm resolution.