ScanTech KSCAN20

KSCAN20 3D Scanner

KSCAN20 3D scanner is a professional 3D scanner with the widest applications. It redefines what portable 3D scanners are.

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Dual Laser Scanning Mode
KSCAN20 3D scanner integrates global initiative technologies built-in photogrammetry system and dual laser scanning mode.
Working with ScanViewer
The probing function of KSCAN20 3D scanner and working with our 3D software ScanViewer provide comprehensive and effective 3D digitization solutions for various industries.
High Efficiency
Leveraging the red and blue laser scanning mode, the KSCAN20 offers high efficiency with 650,000 measurements/sec and ultra-high detail capture with 10μm resolution and 0.020mm accuracy.
High Accuracy
The built-in photogrammetry system greatly expands the scanning area to 2500 mm × 3000 mm and increases the volumetric accuracy to 0.035 mm/m.